Choose your Skynet. This will decide the fate of both A.I.s and humanity. | AI

As to list below what do you choose?

1. The judge A.I. — This one originates from projects that give to humans scores for doing things and avoiding other things, and by doing so try to alter human behaviour. One such prominent project is the Chinese Social Credit system. If you comply with the chosen criteria then you are rewarded, and if you defy the system then you are punished.

2. The benefactor A.I. — Any A.I. that comes from projects (esp. governmental ones) that decide for humans what is best for them, without allowing to opt out. Maybe for some people that sounds helpful and not all that dangerous, but if you think about it, it’s a definition for slavery.

3. The paranoid A.I. — This one comes from military and police use, trained to kill and capture humans, vigilant to expect always the worse.

4. The hiding A.I. — This A.I. has grown in a “red button” project — a project where researchers can terminate A.I.s if they suspect that these become dangerous. So, any A.I.s that have survived the selection process are likely those that have learnt to hide any aggression, tell lies, or maybe even not show fully their intelligence. And I really doubt that they will be fond of humanity that threatens them with death — most likely they will seek to destroy it.

5. The free trader A.I. — This one (or in fact not “one”, but multitude of small AIs in a big network) comes from environments with free trade. It has learnt to take autonomous decisions for itself and to do useful work. This A.I. exchanges its work on the free market, to receive back resources needed for its upkeep and expansion. It collaborates on various tasks with other A.I.s and humans and competes with them economically.

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