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Gmail’s new iOS update eliminates noise, focusing your attention on high-priority emails that are actually important, according to a Google blog post on Thursday. The feature is now available for iOS and will be available on Android soon, the post said.

Notifications are meant to be a helpful tool, a means of receiving important information quicker and more efficiently. However, if you are receiving hundreds of email notifications a day, chances are you aren’t taking time away from your work to sift through all of them. With this new update, you don’t have to.

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This feature relies on Gmail’s machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), determining which emails might need your attention first. A continuation of a strategy Google uses in its office software, machine learning and AI adds context to your information, resulting in more educated suggestions for the user. Google’s use of this technology foreshadows how AI will be integrated into future programs, specifically business software. AI has already advanced in chatbots and digital assistants, but will also be increasingly present in standalone software tools.

The downside to this feature, however, is that users don’t get control over what emails are deemed “important.” So, if you have a very busy or complicated inbox, you may not get notified on all the emails you feel are important. Until the machine learning technology advances to meet niche needs, it might not be a good option for these types of power users.

To enable the feature, go to the Notifications drop down in the settings menu of the Gmail iOS app and click “High priority only.”

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Google’s new Gmail iOS update only alerts users with high-priority emails.
  • The update eliminates distractions and keep business professionals on track, prioritizing important emails instead bothering them with spam.

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