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This introductory video of theirs doesn’t quite emphasise the wide-reaching impact their platform and community will have in my opinion. It is, however, a great high-level introduction.

iOlite’s initial focus on generating code in Solidity (the programming language for smart contracts on the Etherium blockchain network) is great, but I think they are onto something much, much bigger.

With this initial focus they are solving key problems already:

  • Lack of skilled programmers for smart contracts
  • Slower than possible adoption of smart contract blockchain technology

Imagine Your Mother Trying to Develop Software

If your mom is anything like mine, developing software is not going to happen. Specifically developing smart contracts to automate aspects of her life on the Ethereum network even less so.

iOlite’s approach literally lets her create such applications by taking her natural language input and generating and deploying the code she needs for free.

If she finds the application she needs already present in iOlite’s network things get even easier, as she can simply use the existing solution and pay with iOlite tokens for that. While this has cost attached to it, it ensures that her code is actually already tested in production and likely even more advanced and powerful than what she might have created herself.

A worst-case scenario is that the machine learning system is not yet capable of what she wants to create and this is where iOlite’s genius kicks in.

The group of experts and developers in iOlite’s community can come to the rescue by enhancing the system’s capability to now also cover my mom’s specific needs. These developers don’t work for free either, as they get compensated with iOlite tokens which will be exchangeable to their own currency or other cryptocurrencies.

The iOlite community is rapidly growing so it is no question of her having to find and hire such experts herself.

What Implications does this have for Businesses?

I have clients in eCommerce who often lament their ability to easily hire developers to create software quickly and cheaply enough. This is even truer when it comes to adopting smart contract technology and blockchain.

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