Link Building Strategies For Marketers Who Want The Best Results For Their Business

Link building is an integral part of SEO strategy for business. It is a crucial way to boost credibility to earn higher rankings. Below is a list of link-building strategies to enable a business to establish an online authority.

Create Valuable Content

Creating quality content is the best way to earn links, and other sites generally credit you by linking to your site. It includes blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and guides. Everything which is considered valuable falls in this category. Having quality content helps attract links from reputable sites, which helps boost rankings and reputation in search results.

Consider sharing the content on various social media platforms after creating it to help people locate it. The more the number of viewers, the more likely it is for them to share on their site.

Create Free Interactive Tools

Create free interactive tools in the same fashion as the content is created and host them on the website. Cost calculators are examples of free tools which provide value for website visitors. People are usually interested in the convenience of free tools, and site owners direct their visitors to help them achieve the target audience’s specific goals.

Develop free tools that provide the required value to potential clients, promote them on various social media platforms, add them to your site, and share them with industry influencers and bloggers. Consider creating paid ads as they help with promoting tools on the site. Developing accessible and helpful tools on a website helps attract quality links in the long run.

Reach Out To Reporters, Bloggers, And Industry Influencers

Once you create valuable content, consider reaching out to bloggers, reporters, and influencers in the industry to have them share it. Start by conducting Google research to establish individuals who have covered a topic addressed in the content. Create a list of individuals you wish to contact and use the required tools to verify and find emails of individuals on your list.

Create outreach emails and send them to prospects and focus on the value of the content you provide to the person. Provide proof of the acquired skills and focus more on how you can add value to them.

Offer To Write Guest Blog Posts

Posting directly to another person’s website gives a person direct access to their audience and is a great way to earn links to your site. Make a list of blogs you may wish to guest post on and reach out to moderators or blog owners. Research ways how to increase organic traffic to your site.

Double-check to establish if the sites have guest posting policies on their website before hitting the send button. Ensure your pitch matches the guidelines to ensure the message does not get into the trash folder.

Check the blogs linking policies also to establish the recommended number of posts. Guest posting is usually a win-win strategy, since it gives you the chance to target a new audience and earn a link to your site.

Create Awareness On Social Media

Maintain a steady presence on various social media platforms to boost awareness of the company, services, and products. Links on a social media platform do not necessarily impact the rankings, but clients may find the content on social media and link to it.

For instance, if you post a great infographic on social media, a person can decide to share it on their site while citing you as the source. Post on social media regularly and encourage others to share the content, which helps spread the word about the brand while picking up backlinks.

Use Broken Link Building

Leverage the use of broken links to earn backlinks to the content you post on your site. Apply this strategy by seeking broken links on other blogs or websites using the recommended tools.

Reach out to the bloggers or site owners and alert them of the broken links on their sites. You can also invite them to replace the given link with another one with related content on your site. It is a proven approach as people are more likely to link to your content after helping them fix and identify broken links on their sites.

Monitor Competitor’s Backlinks

Use the recommended tools to help in monitoring backlinks to various competitors’ sites. The approach is helpful, especially when there is a recent boost in search rankings. Understand the link-building strategies that work best for them. Keeping an eye on the competitor’s backlinks keeps you a step ahead in business.

Obtaining backlinks to your site requires constant effort. Work on various tactics to secure backlinks from authoritative sources.

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