You Can Now Download Windows 11 First Big Update

There are plenty of goodies in first big update, and you can give them all a try for yourself right now.

11 is still continuing its rollout around the world, and Microsoft is already getting it ready for its first big update. The tech giant has released a huge bundle of new features and tweaks to the operating system, and Insiders can get their hands on it right now.

What’s in Windows 11 First Big Update?

Microsoft went into detail about the update on the Windows Experience Blog, which you can right now on the Insider program. The update will feature both newcomers to the operating system and a fresh coat of paint for its more aged apps.

First, the new. The Taskbar is getting a handful of great additions with this update. When you’re in a Teams call, you can mute and unmute yourself through a microphone icon on the Taskbar. You can also share active with your call with a single click.

On the left of the Taskbar, you’ll find a brand new Weather app that will keep you updated on what it’s like outside. And if you’re a fan of multiple monitors, the clock will now finally show itself on the Taskbar on every monitor, not just your main one.

As for the old, this update will introduce the new Media Player and Notepad apps. We’ve previously covered this update before, but with this new Insider build, you can give them a try yourself and see how Microsoft has brought these apps into the current day.

Microsoft First Big Update for Windows 11 Is Promising

This update should receive a warm welcome from Windows 11 users. Not only does it bring in some handy new features and revamped looks, but it also takes time to get rid of some annoyances that people have had with the new operating system.

And Microsoft needs to ensure that this big update isn’t the last for a while. Right now, it has to convince a world that’s comfy with Windows 10 that the update is worth it. Microsoft is already on the back foot with Windows 11’s high system requirements and iffy gaming performance, so it needs to do all it can to get into people’s good books again.

A Healthy Kickstart for Windows 11

With Microsoft setting off the party poppers for Windows 11’s first big update, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. You can give the update a try today on the Insider channel; let’s just hope the Redmond giant can continue this momentum.

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