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Google is rolling out the latest version of its messaging app to Android users starting this week. The new version of the Android Messages app boasts a number of new features angled at making it more competitive with Facebook’s Messenger app and Apple’s rival iMessages app for iOS. One of the headline features of the new version of the Messages app is the ability login from the web. You’ll be able to send and receive all your text messages right from any browser window. Here’s how to get yourself all set up with the new system.

Update your Android Messages app

Android Messenger

First step, you’re going to want to update your Android Messages app. To do that, just open the Google Play store, hit the icon in the top left of the screen, three lines stacked on top of each other — affectionately referred to as the ‘hamburger.’ Then go to My Apps & Games at the very top there. Now you’ll see a list of the apps and games installed on your Android device. Just hit update at the top here, an wait for Messages to download and install the update.

Enable Android Messages on the web

Android Messages 2

Once it finishes installing, fire it up! You’re going to want to do two things here. First, let’s open a web browser on the computer you want to receive your Android messages on. Head over to and you’ll see that the instructions are very straightforward. In your Android Messages app on your Android device, click the three-dot icon on the top right of the screen, then click Messages for web, on the next menu just scan the QR code at and you’re good to go!

To be fair, Google is still rolling this feature out over the next couple weeks so there’s a chance you might not see the option to enable Android Messages on the web. In that case, just keep an eye on your updates and keep checking that three-dot icon for the Messages for web option.

Now what

It’s up to you to decide if Google’s latest attempt at creating a messaging app will be successful. Given the news that Facebook Messenger will now be showing advertisements in your private, personal messages, Google’s latest stab at creating a unified messaging app comes at the perfect time for anyone looking for alternatives.

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