Microsoft Testing Windows 7-Like Alt+Tab for Windows 11

announced a new build for the Dev channel, and the company is a new Alt+Tab experience in the build. It creates a more -like Alt+Tab experience, which will be a welcomed change if it makes its way to the final version of Windows 11.

In a blog post announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22526, Microsoft said, “We’re experimenting with showing Alt+Tab as windowed instead of full screen for some Insiders.”
Currently, Alt+Tab opens a full-screen experience, but in older versions of Windows, it used to run windowed. With the test happening in Windows 11, it looks like Microsoft is considering going back to that. Hopefully, the company does because the new experience seems smoother and nicer than the one in Windows 11.

Of course, because this is being added to the Dev channel, it might never make its way to the final build of Windows 11. Usually, Microsoft pushes features to beta testers before it brings them out to the masses, but there are some situations where the company doesn’t end up releasing them at all.

We’ll have to be patient, but if you can’t wait, you can always switch to the Dev channel of Windows 11 and try it now.

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