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Canadian adult entertainment streaming website Pornhub has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency payment and billing startup PumaPay to enable its users in cryptocurrencies, according to a tweet August 23.

Pornhub is now accepting PumaPay, with its “unique” pull payment protocol that will allow users automatically pay for their subscriptions, including PornHub Premium. PornHub promoted the partnership with a YouTube video entitled “Pornhub and PumaPay Save the World.”

The move follows a similar agreement with cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) completed in April. The partnership with Verge allows customers to pay with the coin for Pornhub Premium and all purchases within the product.

Earlier this month, Pornhub subsidiary Tube8 revealed plans to develop a blockchain-powered platform for users to earn for watching and interacting with Tube8 videos. Through a partnership with Vice Industry Token (VIT), Tube8 will create a platform for its 10 million users, that will give them the chance to “get paid to consume [their] free content.”

In March, Playboy Enterprises announced it will be developing an online wallet that will allow customers to use cryptocurrency to pay for company's online media and includes support for VIT.

However, earlier this month, Playboy sued Canadian firm Global Blockchain Technologies for failing to deliver on a deal in which they would integrate the blockchain platform into Playboy's websites.

VIT also got involved in the legal conflict, and plans to seek restitution of its own after “purportedly losing millions of crypto tokens in a crumbling deal between Playboy Enterprises and… Global Blockchain Technologies.”

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