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Steam has a new tool to let you know just how much you’ve spent on video games in its virtual store – though you may regret seeing the result.

VentureBeat first spotted the new official Steam ‘Account Spend’ tool that adds up every single purchase you’ve ever made on Steam. All you need to do is click through the link, login and presto: instant regret. 

We jest, of course, but this editor in particular discovered he spent a total of $4,105.60 (about £3,115.51, AU$5,572.33) since installing the service.

Now there have been other tools, like Steam Calculator, that offer a similar displeasing utility. However, this official webpage is the first we’ve seen that calculates exactly what you’ve spent down to the last cent. That said the official Steam calculator doesn’t factor in the value of game codes that you’ve redeemed from Humble Bundle, GOG or other sources.

If you’re looking at your own total with a thousand-eye stare having beat this editor’s total, let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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Via PC Gamer

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