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Yeah, so, I’m Mark Weiser and I’m a member of the packaging design team at Microsoft.
Okay, we have here inside this box an adaptive controller from Xbox.
But let’s first talk about what this thing is.
That’s in the box.
Yeah, so, this is actually a shipper box that you get in the mail when you order the Xbox adaptable Adaptive controller from Microsoft.com.
And just to be clear what the controller is.
Right, it’s the special thing that was designed over the last two years for people with disabilities, right?
Yeah, for gamers [INAUDIBLE] mobility, yeah.
And it has all these bilities to plug in to different things,and all these buttons, and all that stuff, and that was announced a couple of months
So now we have the actual box that it’s going to ship in.
So anytime you order it we wanted to make sure that you could get the box open, you know anybody who decided to order this online.
We wanted to make it empowering for everybody to unbox.
First of, you notice that this doesn’t have the standard shipping tape that you would get on a box that your online.
Most shipping tape you need an exact on knife or keys to get open.
This one actually has a little loop that we designed because we found through research that loops are actually very highly leverageable for.
People with limited mobility to get into any sort of packaging.
So you actually just slide the loop right off and you’ll see that we just have a standard shipping box.
But you can also just leverage the crevice there to open the box up.
And then go at the other side and you’ll notice that the box itself it does have these side air cell buffers so when it gets dropped in shipping the box is nice and protected.
We’re avoiding using things like plastic bubble wrap, extra components for shipping that we don’t need.
And that’s, by the way, pretty cool that you have something It’s easily openable, it’s still all cardboard
With the exception of the tape
And the tape is pretty easy to pull apart too.
So let’s get into the box.
Put this over here.
Yes, so you’ll also notice that this, this just looks like a A nice Xbox box that you would see just like a controller.
So it really lives well within our ecosystem in retail.
Green and white?
Yep, green and white, nice and clean presentation of the products, and very easy to read texts.
You’ll also see that we do have a The break the seal label that we have on all of our retail boxes.
Obviously you want the box closed when it’s sitting on shelf and you can actually very easily open this as well, because we do have loops for both sides of access, so you can tear it away from the left or right.
I’m a go ahead And tear it from the right, as you can see it peels away really easily.
And once again same idea as the packaging looks.
It’s pretty easy to get your hand into-
Yeah it’s got the-
Capable you are.
Yep exactly and for each step of the process we’re creating the right size of loop for the size Of the elements that it’s around as well.
So you’ll also notice that we do have a loop that goes through the full-length of the box.
This is a nice soft ribbon that you can easily open and you’ll notice that when we’re opening it, the hinge is in the lower back placement of the box, so it’s easier To get open it’s a low access of opening.
And when you do open it you see that nice pop, and you do see the panel that comes forward here.
This hinged panel presents a multiple access point area where you can either get your hand in under it to slide out,
Or another loop.
Yeah, exactly another loop that you can either open underhand or overhand.
You can also slide out the controller, like so.
And it lands nice and softly on this panel as well, in case you do need to slide it out.
As you see, this loop right here.
It does have the quick start guide.
So it’s just an easy four steps, nice icons just to represent how to set it up right away.
And this generous loop, as you can also see, is applied right here on this component and when you pull this component out You’ll notice it has this open ends so if you need to slide this cable out you can do so.
You can also just simply just spring it open.
And when you do that, you’ll notice that this cord inside does not have twist size or anything [UNKNOWN].
So again juat super easy to pull Plug in.
Yeah, exactly.
And this is my charging cord?
Yep, and as you can see, all the elements, they’re unified and they’re really in relation to the rectilinear form that actual product has.
Just a very simple unbox Same process as well.
Absolutely, and I’m curious about this hinge here.
That’s not very common in a lot of these boxes.
We do have this hinge living in some of these boxes as well, with the Xbox controllers as well, and also the fact that this is a rigid box makes it all that more easier to get into.
That’s great and this is the whole thing.
That’s incredible.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, we wanted to just create like a nice confident experience for everybody to open.
Yeah, it’s super easy.
Well, thank you very much.
Yeah, thanks again.
I really appreciate it.

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