Windows 11: The Operating System Which We Need

Microsoft has launched many versions of OS but users are always complaining about its features. Recently Microsoft has stopped giving updates on Windows 7 so that is like windows 7 is no more. So now Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 11. Let's have a look at its features.

Windows 11 is the Microsoft operating system we need!

We all know that Windows is the most used and very easy to use the system. But there are few features are missing in it. Now we are using windows 10 which is almost perfect but still, there are some possibilities of new and good features. So here is how windows 11 will give us all the features what we are looking for.

This is the concept which is created by Hacker 34, This person has designed windows 11 with his vision. So you can see designs below in images.

In this design, you can see brand new start menu which is inspired by Windows 7 and other things are designed like windows 10. Everything is so neat and clean that you can see in images.

The file explorer is also updated which is having tabs and now you can move from one directory to another very easily. Many things are inspired by smartphones that you can check in images. But the designs are very clean and fluent. All the software are available online so you can give it a try.

Like Mac OS it has dark mode too available. You can keep the wallpaper for more darkness so it will be the pure dark mode in looks. The entire OS is the concept for Windows 11.

You can also see how long you have used your PC by checking screentime. This is something which is missing from all OS.

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