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Google is still allowing third-party to access its ’ Gmail , it said in a letter to Senators last week.

Senators John Thune, Roger Wicker and Jerry Moran had quizzed Google in mid-July after the Wall Street Journal published a story about Google giving external app developers access to their users’ Gmail accounts.

The story prompted the trio to contact Google CEO Larry Page, asking him to clarify Google’s approach to third party email access.

They were especially worried given Facebook’s recent experiences with third party developers, they said:

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, in which a third party app developer for Facebook obtained large amounts of user data and shared it with a political consulting firm, the potential misuse of personal data held by large internet platforms and shared with third party developers is a matter of particular concern to the Committee.

It asked Page whether Google requires third-party developers to conform to any privacy policies and what they were, and whether the company knew of a developer sharing the data with anyone else. It quizzed him on how the manual review and suspension processes worked, and whether Google allowed its own employees to see the content of Gmail users’ personal mails.