Apple New Lockdown Mode protect iPhone From Spyware

will be offering a new “Lockdown ” for iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. It’s designed to protect from and targeted spyware like NSO Pegasus.

Though these attacks happen to a small group of people, the threat is growing. Pegasus was found to be used by repressive governments to spy on human rights activists, lawyers, politicians and journalists.

The tech giant said that Lockdown Mode is designed to add extra protections to its phones, such as blocking attachments and link previews in messages, potentially hackable web browsing technologies, and incoming FaceTime calls from unknown numbers. Apple devices will also not accept accessory connections unless the device is unlocked, and people can’t install new remote management software on the devices while they’re in Lockdown Mode as well.

The new feature will be made available for test software being used by developers this summer and released for free publicly in the fall.

Along with the new Lockdown Mode, which Apple calls an “extreme” measure, the company announced a $10 million grant to the Dignity and Justice Fund, which was established by the Ford Foundation, to help support human rights and fight social repression.

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