How to Ensure Wannacry Patch is Installed Correctly On Your Machine

They say WannaCrypt does not infect XP machines but looks like the problem appears on Windows7 machines with no Wanna cry patch. We have seen the devastating cyber attack that crippled computers in UK hospitals, and the UK NHS citing their machines was not patched for WannyCry.

Microsoft statement during that time was “that those using Windows 10 were not infected,” though we cannot confirm this statement, it is clear that those who have installed Windows patch for WannaCry were not rigged.

The WannaCrypt ransomware is exploiting one of the vulnerabilities that are part of the MS17-010 update. Computers that do not have WannaCry windows patch are at heightened risk because of several strains of malware.

In a huge organization with hundreds of computer running on Window, checking the correct patch for WannaCry could be taxing.

Security update MS17–010 addresses several vulnerabilities in Windows SMB v1 exploited by the WannaCrypt ransomware.

How to make sure all of the computers with Windows 7 are patched for WannaCry correctly, and good it will be if you have those KB numbers as well.