Irish firm renews major deal blocking SMS spam for Telenor | Cyber Security

() – Dublin-based firm Anam Technologies announced it renewed a partnership with one of the largest mobile operators to provide SMS firewall protection against and other malicious users.

The with the Norwegian company  Telenor will provide coverage for 170 million mobile subscribers in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the lucrative markets in East Asia.

Currently Anam company filters billions of messages for about 250 million subscribers. In addition to protecting against malicious users, Anam helps the companies organise the SMS to increase efficiency.

This deal comes as Anam signed multiple deals providing App-to-Person SMS monetisation services. Last November, the company was among several Enterprise Ireland clients that signed deals in Vietnam during President Michael D. Higgins' state visit.

“Telenor and Anam have worked really hard over the past two years to build and deliver the Group's A2P strategy,” says Anam Director of Sales, Clive Steady. “We are seeing real success now as a result of the consistent and focused effort”

With the deal is continuing, Anam and Telenor plan to implement their developments to external partners in the network.

Spam messages have been the bane of internet users for years, though filters seem to help on emails. Generally, SMS providers have avoided the worst aspects of spammers. Companies like Anam and  competitors Tyntec and Symsoft see A2P SMS firewalls as a way for telecom networks to increase revenues.

According to Anam's figures, they've increased annual revenue for their customers by $2 million for each million subscribers. For large networks like Telenor, that translates into a lot of new income.

Anam holds the pantent for home SMS routing, a technology the company says is “fundamental” for providing SMS firewalls.

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