Phishing Attacks Targeted At Nokia Smartphone

Nokia is a failed brand in the west, including in their native Finland since the emergence of the 2007 smartphone named Apple iPhone. After a solid decade of being the number 1 mobile phone hardware manufacturer, today Nokia only exist as a 3rd tier of Android devices now manufactured by HMD Global, after they bought the license for the nokia brand. However, due to sheer familiarity for the Nokia brand which has build a name for itself for many decades, Nokia smartphones still have a reasonably sized market in Asia.

Nokia is popular enough in the east, to a point that phishing attempts through SMS and even phone calls are launched by cybercriminals against Nokia smartphone users. Samples of phishing tricks were posted by users in the official HMD Global blog, where Nokia-HMD staff named Laura admitted that Nokia users are targeted in this wide ranging call and SMS phishing.

It appears that somebody within your company or from the courier company is leaking customer data to such fraudsters.

I and my aunt had purchased Our Nokia Phones from your website. The guy who had called from the aforementioned number knew perfectly well that I had even won Nokia Bluetooth earphones as lucky draw.

HMD-Global needs to increase the awareness of these phishing attempts, in order to prevent their customers from falling for the scams. Somewhat a good barometer that is proven by this issue is Nokia’s fortunate marketshare still existing in Asian countries where phishing victims the cases. One good rule of the thumb to learn from this episode is raffle draws can only be won if the person voluntarily participated in the raffle draw. There is no legitimate raffle draw which can be entered into just by random.