The $99 digital padlock that kept crooks out… for 2 whole seconds

Imagine if you could walk up to your bicycle, unlock it within two seconds, and ride off without grubbing in your pocket for keys, without spinning a combination dial with cold, wet hands, and without fiddling around with a mobile phone app to tell the lock to open.

What if you could just swipe your finger over the lock and open it as easily as you unlock your mobile phone with its fingerprint scanner?

Well, Canadian company Tapplock sells a product that not only works that way, but also boasts “unbreakable design”.

Admittedly, the small print on its website ultimately tones that punchy claim down to say “virtually unbreakable”, but the Tapplock is certainly pitched as a secure product.

Tapplock claims that unlocking takes just 0.8 seconds, and that up to 500 different fingerprints can be registered with the lock, making it suitable for even the most extended family.

Those cool features are supposed to be what makes the Tapplock cost a bullish $99 – big money for a padlock.

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