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 Home Headquarters is the organization behind the annual Block Blitz event that brings homeowners, schools and the community together to help one another. Volunteers offer their time and individualized skills to help clean-up occupied and abandoned homes. This all happens in one single day. For the past five years the community has revived nearly 240 properties in low income neighborhoods on the South-side of Syracuse. Block Blitz’s vision is to create a safe, clean neighborhood and environment which will come to life.

Our College/Career Readiness and Marketing class volunteered at this years annual Block Blitz. Together, we were given an abandoned house where we cleaned up the yard, landscaped, painted, and made repairs to parts of the house. We brought the worn down, abandoned house back to life!

Our goal as a class was to make the community look better for inhabitants and people just passing by. Ultimately it helped us as a class grow together and enhance our own strengths. We are learning to depend on our knowledge and learn from others and on this day our class did just that. Each student overcame obstacles by coming together and collaborating to solve issues, but this brought us to our biggest success of all: having a positive impact on the community.

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