CIMB Clicks Malaysia suddenly and officially introduces Captcha


Amidst reports of Clicks accounts being hacked, emptied and so forth on Social Media, CIMB have come out with an official statement confirming that they have introduced a Captcha function at login along with longer passwords for more security. The statement says “… CIMBClicks system remains secure and all customers' transactions continue to be protected” so take a deep breath and calm down.

Some users on social media have said that their logins did not require any Captcha, indicating that those who do require a Captcha could have been compromised, but bear in mind that this has not been officially confirmed just yet. Social media continues to buzz with more and more horror stories, including those where their accounts have been transferred out via PayPal, but we'd strongly recommend that you take all of these with a truckload of salt.

For now, CIMB Malaysia sites could be somewhat slow, probably due to all the CIMB users logging in, but if you can, we'd recommend that you go your password to a longer version. The CIMB statement says that you can now use passwords with up to 20 characters. We'll update you as more info and official statements roll in, so stay tuned to  


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