Finnish Indoor Activity ‘SuperPark’ Lands In Malaysia

SuperPark, the friendliest all-in-one indoor park in the world from Finland, brings a new wave of energy into 's lifestyle scene. Expect bubbly laughter, beaming smiles and red cheeks from kids, teenagers and adults alike.

Boasting a 3,716sq m (40,000sq ft) space in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, SuperPark Malaysia brings joyful play to Malaysians, offering over 20 fun, healthy and energising activities under one roof at Avenue K Shopping Mall.

The rink will be able to stand up to the most demanding of athletic requirements, and the synthetic ice reacts and responds just like conventional ice.

Some benefits of synthetic ice are that there's no water and is safe enough to walk on without fear of slipping. It provides skaters the ability to stop, turn and pirouette just as well as the real thing.

“Our goal is to share the sheer joy of movement and play with people of all ages and fitness levels,” said SuperPark Global CEO Juha Tanskanen.

“To do this, we've created the friendliest activity park in the world – a place of health and happiness where everyone is welcomed like an old friend. Malaysia will fall in love with the ‘Superparking lifestyle' of joyful play, friendship and better health.”


At the friendliest activity park in the world, everyone is welcomed like an old friend.

Following SuperPark Hong Kong, which will celebrate its first anniversary soon, and SuperPark Singapore which opened last Nov 17, SuperPark Malaysia will also live and breathe the authentic SuperPark concept.

SuperPark Malaysia will offer over 20 activities based on three themed areas:

♦ The Adventure Area: Exciting play activities are offered for younger children and parents, including iWall (interactive parkour game), Flying Fox (zip wires), Tube Slide (slides), Kid's Gym (Toddlers area), Kid's Adventure City (playtowers), Pedal Car Track and more.

♦ The Game Arena: Youngsters can swing for the stands in the baseball nets, hone their jump shot at Street Basketball, or compete with RoboKeeper (AI goalkeeper). Performance is measured by radar and other digital systems, so kids can challenge their friends (or parents).

♦  The Freestyle Hall: Teenagers can put down their smartphones and challenge themselves with SuperClimb (tailor-made fun climbing concept) and the new Ninja Track (warrior obstacle course). They can also venture into Skate and Scoot World, jump on Trampoline Platform, attack the Augmented Climbing Wall and glide on the one-of-a-kind skate rink.


Children and youngsters at heart will be thrilled by a wealth of new sports and activities.

At SuperPark Malaysia, children and youngsters at heart will be thrilled by a wealth of new sports and activities, with all equipment rental such as scooter, helmet and such included in the ticket price.

All activities take place under the guidance of experienced staff, many of whom are recognised coaches, and held safely away from rain, pollution and high UV exposure.

Best of all, SuperPark is not only for the kids and youngsters. SuperPark Malaysia has been purpose-built to allow everyone to join in the fun and keep active. “We know how important family, friendship and leisure is to people in Malaysia,” said SuperPark Asia CEO Mark Kumarasinhe.

“What is great about the Superparking lifestyle is that everyone can join in and have quality bonding time through light or extreme sports activities. At SuperPark Malaysia, children, teenagers, parents and even grandparents can all play, be active and have fun together.”

Family is at the heart of the SuperPark story. Taneli Sutinen, a Finnish businessman, was sitting in a café with a newspaper one day when his four-year-old daughter grabbed him by the arm and insisted he come play with her.

Tangled among the child-sized tunnels and slides, he had a light bulb moment: Why not create an activity park where children and adults could play side-by-side easily – and the Superparking lifestyle was born.

The first SuperPark opened in Vuokatti, Finland, in 2012, soon followed by 12 more sites in the Nordic country. Now, the Superparking lifestyle is going global.

SuperPark Malaysia marks the continuation of an international expansion wave that includes Sweden, France, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. The dream is to see hundreds, if not thousands, of SuperParks all over the globe, bringing families together through the power of joyful play.

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