HR leaders must use AI tools to recruit more effectively

AS COMPANIES pursue large-scale digitization, it is critical for human resource (HR) officers to find the right candidate to help deliver on new and exciting projects.

Since time is of the essence, artificial intelligence (AI) can certainly help HR teams find better talent more quickly.

For example, DBS Bank uses AI to build deeper initial-stage connections with potential candidates and help recruiters hire more efficiently.

It uses an AI-enabled chatbot that not only saves hiring managers a significant amount of time but can also be deployed for higher-value tasks that better match candidates to job descriptions.

Adopting AI in talent acquisition has saved DBS Bank recruiters 40 hours per month and reduced the amount of time spent on each candidate by as much as 75 percent.

According to DBS Bank Head of Talent Acquisition Group James Loo, “[the solution] frees up [the] recruiters’ time so they can take on higher value work.”

As AI automates the shortlisting process of recruitment, HR teams can then focus on interviewing shortlisted applicants appropriately.

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On top of automating laborious tasks, AI can help recruiters nitpick the skills that will add value to existing teams.

Last month, Go-Jek acquired a company that specifically uses AI to assist in the recruitment process.

The acquisition is said to be “[aligned] with Go-Jek’s focus on hiring premium talent to support the development of its super app.”

It will basically “streamline the whole recruiting process” to help hire talent based on their qualifications as well as complementary expertise.

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Undoubtedly, HR has a strategic role in a company’s growth but more leaders will need to take action in order to transform the workforce.

According to a survey, only 37 percent of HR leaders feel “very confident” about the ability of their division to transform the workforce and itself.

As organizations race amongst themselves to transform, HR teams need to prepare to provide support quickly and using new tools and technologies wherever required.

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