Huawei introduce three new smart routers on April 8 in China

, as a tech company, has been one of the leading companies with unique innovations not only in its home market of but also outside of it. Although the US ban did create a dent in the company, the Chinese tech giant is getting back on its feet. One such strategy to again lead in the tech industry has been to come up with new business ventures and manufacture new things. Likewise, the upcoming Huawei conference will introduce a series of new smart screens. But the company has not limited its skills to only smart screens. Likewise, the company is expected to have a very productive quarter this year.

In the latest development, Huawei has confirmed that the company will introduce a series of smart router products, alongside the upcoming smart screens, on April 8 at the Huawei conference. The company has mentioned that it will launch three new smart routers which are likely to include the Huawei router Q3 WS7290, Huawei router H6 WS8000/6, and the Huawei router new WiFi6 WS7000/2.

Although the specific details about the routers are yet to be unveiled by the company itself, a few reports have claimed that a set of Huawei router H6 includes a parent router, an enhanced version of the child router, and two other child routers. The main router among these is 19.3 cm x 8cm x 2.8cnm in dimension and weighs 289g. On the other hand, the sub-router measures 8.6cnm x 8.6cnm x 8.6cnm x 3c, and weighs only 167g. However, the pricing for these routers is not going to be pocket-friendly.

The above-mentioned routers have passed the Ministry of Industry of Technology and 3C certification in China. Among the three routers, the WS8000 series will come equipped with 52.5V, 1.75A power adapters that support up to six sub-routers with a power of up to 19W.

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