Kick-off your tech startup journey at the Echelon Roadshow 2020 Kuala Lumpur

With Echelon Asia Summit right around the corner, one of the questions that beg to be asked is: how can startup founders maximise their Echelon experience?

Thankfully, your Echelon experience can start sooner than you could ever hope for. Between rubbing elbows with potential future partners, to sharing insights with other startup founders, and even to dazzling potential investors with your one-in-a-million idea, you can make noise in your local startup scene early on with the Echelon Roadshow 2020 !

What better way to boost your business and amplify your reach than by learning from the best and the brightest? With Echelon Roadshow 2020 Kuala Lumpur only a few short weeks away, you don't only get to listen to experts on stage, but you get to mingle with them as well, and even get to know other key figures who can help you scale your business.

This is ultimately what sets Echelon Roadshow 2020 Kuala Lumpur apart: it is not only a celebration of great ideas and a chance to expand your network while learning from the best, but it's also strategically situated at the heart of Malaysia's bustling capital!

On top of that, this is your chance to check out your country's representatives to the Top 100—an opportunity to immerse in the local startup community and see what efforts other Malaysia-based startups are employing to materialize their vision.

The Echelon Roadshow 2020 Kuala Lumpur is part of a series of international stops leading up to the annual Echelon Asia Summit happening in Singapore. The Echelon Roadshow 2020 is happening on 18 February, 2020, from 5pm to 9pm at the HLX, 3, Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

RSVP to the Roadshow is free, so if you want to score insights on Southeast Asian tech grab your tickets now! Tickets are running out fast so visit the Echelon Roadshow 2020 page to find out more details!

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