Malaysian Tech sector thrilled as RISE moves to KL in 2022

PIKOM, the National Tech Association of Malaysia, is thrilled that Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysian Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), PIKOM together with industry leaders and government partners have successfully brought RISE, one of Asia’s largest tech conferences to Malaysia for a three year term from, 2022-2024.

To be held in March 2022, RISE is one of the high-profile tech events that brings together the world’s tech founders, investors, startups as well as multinationals with an attendance of over 16,000 from more than 100 countries around the world. The event will also be joined by journalists from major global media outlets, and thousands of attendees, to create unparalleled networking potential.

PIKOM and the tech industry players are excited to see Malaysia hosting such an important tech event. It demonstrates that the international tech community is confident in Malaysia’s location as a strategic, safe and investor-friendly destination for well-known information and communications technology (ICT) companies. The industry feels it will certainly attract new investors and players in the digital field into the country amidst the economic uncertainties.

Malaysia has an advantageous position as it is in the central geographical location of ASEAN; multicultural and multilingual tapestry; industry-ready talent pool; thriving startup ecosystem; and foreign direct investment (FDI) friendly policies and legal systems which make it a magnet for foreign investors to strengthen their links with local enterprises.

Over the past almost 25 years, an infusion of digital investment in the country’s economy has paid off as multinational companies have come to recognise and trust the country’s potential in the digital economy.

As of 2018, Malaysia’s MSC Malaysia investment, or now known as the digital investment sector has attracted investments surpassing US$78.6 billion (RM320 billion). It has also seen the creation of 182,538 new high-value jobs and the emergence of a domestic ICT industry worth over RM40 billion.

For 2019 alone, Malaysia’s digital economy continues to be a key driver for growth, contributing 19.1% to the national economy, up from 18.7% in 2018 and is expected to exceed the projected target of 20% by 2020. (According to the Department of Statistics, Malaysia)

At the same time, MDEC is also actively encouraging Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) by promoting the use of emerging technologies such Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics (BDA), fintech, blockchain and drone tech in all industries to transform the country to an innovative digital economy. All these efforts will continue to bolster the digital economy with the government also taking specific steps to ensure the growth of the digital economy is inclusive and achieves shared prosperity for all.

According to Chairman of PIKOM, Danny Lee, “A lot of hard work was put in place by the tech industry and partners to bring RISE to Malaysia. We are indeed very excited that the efforts have come to fruition. We expect RISE to receive greater support from industry partners with this announcement. We would like to congratulate MDEC, MyCEB and PIKOM for successfully bringing the event to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.”

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