Maxis, Huawei team up for first 5G TechCity in Kuala Lumpur

MAXIS Bhd and Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd are planning to collaborate for Malaysia's first 5G TechCity Programme in Kuala .

The two parties inked a memorandum of understanding in Shenzhen, China, recently to explore and work together on the programme, Huawei said in a statement yesterday.

Both companies will work together to deliver 4G and 5G capacity solutions for a personalised experience, innovation in 5G network design, and deployment and operating efficiencies.

The parties also intend to set up a 5G Innovation Lab to develop and bring new 5G use cases for various industries to commercialisation when the new 5G spectrum is made available.

“TechCity is an initiative dedicated to building an excellent 5G target network, to incubate new services with new business models and to provide the best user experience in building an intelligent, connected world.

“This programme will include joint branding and the innovation of successful use cases nationwide,” Huawei said.

The TechCity Programme has already been launched in cities such as London, Seoul and Tokyo.

The initiative will be able to successfully create 5G solutions based on local demand and replicate them into global markets in the future, Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping said.

“Huawei will support Malaysia in transforming from a technology adopter to a leader in 5G innovation and ecosystem development,” he added.

Under the partnership, the two telecommunication firms will be able to explore new technologies for better user experience and network efficiency. “We believe this will unleash many opportunities that will benefit customers in the future,” Maxis CEO Gokhan Ogut (picture) said.

The TechCity collaboration aims to shape the ecosystem of future digital services in Malaysia.

The 4G and 5G networks are expected to be key drivers in pushing the digital economy and embracing Industry 4.0.

According to Huawei, the emergence of new digital services, applications and industries is pushing greater demand for a strong mobile network as this brings more connected users, higher customer experience and richer application services.

This will require innovative solutions to cater to traffic growth.

With the setup of the Innovation Lab, Maxis and Huawei will develop platforms and applications to support relevant and localised 5G use cases, which will benefit consumers and enterprises in Malaysia.

The two companies had signed an agreement in October last year for the provisioning of a 5G network to deliver 5G innovation for the country.

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