MDEC Launching Malaysia Tech Month 2020

will be kicking off the Malaysia Month 2020 campaign next week. The -long campaign is a purpose-built initiative that showcases the nation’s robust and versatile digital and technology ecosystems.

Malaysia Tech Month 2020 aims to reinforce Malaysia’s position as a first-mover for the digital economy by capitalising on demands and opportunities in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

MDEC’s Malaysia Tech Month 2020

The event is set to attract start-ups; entrepreneurs; corporate organisations; government stakeholders; small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); and both local and foreign tech sector leadership. Key events among the figurehead-led programmes from business, investment and regulatory communities are:

  • Data ecosystem focused DataKITA.Pulse conference
  • Digital Investment Summit
  • MyDroneTech Festival
  • TechFest LIVE! Road to WCIT Malaysia

The Malaysia Tech Month 2020 campaign will also showcase Malaysia’s current efforts to produce a future-ready workforce, develop world-first innovations and establish alliances that are fully committed to advancing the digital economy.

The Department of Statistics has shown that Malaysia’s digital economy is expected to contribute 20% to the economy by 2020 with the e-commerce sector expecting to exceed RM110 billion in revenue by 2020. This is equivalent to 40% of the country’s digital economy.

With 4IR powered technologies and innovations, like AI, robotics and IoT, proliferating and catalysing shifts in consumption; daily activities and lifestyles; and workspace operations, there is a heightened need to ensure that all segments of society can effectively participate and reap the benefits of digitalisation.

As the capstone event, Malaysia Tech Month 2020 will further reinforce ’s efforts to drive forward its three core pillars:

  1. Foster digitally-skilled talent and improve their readiness
  2. Forge digitally-powered businesses en-route to being global tech champions
  3. Further empower a digital-sector investor-friendly environment

The latter is considered the most critical as it quickly and seamlessly facilitates foreign investments and, at the same time, is highly supportive of multi-national expansion efforts into the ASEAN economic zone.

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