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Private tutors to help you with learning and reading the Quran are now available at the click of the mouse

THERE’S no denying that we live in a busy world and nobody wants to waste time. Daily routine and work constraints make it impossible for people to fit in additional activities.

For Muslims, praying five times a day is compulsory but in order to earn more rewards (pahala), some may want to recite additional verses from the Quran.

However, some people find it difficult to make reciting the Quran a part of their routine. Either they have no time to go for Quran-recitation classes or perhaps they have no idea where to find the classes.

While traditional Quran-learning classes require people to go to the mosques or centres, one couple decided to bring Quran-learning to them.

Anna Rosdijanti Ahmat Rusdi and Ibnu Abdil Barry Ubaidillah founded Beana Homequran in 2017 to help tutor the community and busy individuals to read the Quran at their own time and convenience.

What started as a part-time endeavour became a full-time job for this couple.

Anna, who graduated from Al-Azhar University in Egypt with a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language, came back to Malaysia in 2012.

Prior to that, she taught at Sekolah Rendah Agama Kota Damansara in 2009, before getting married in the same year.

Beana Homequran offers private teaching services either in small groups (one to four persons) or in large groups (up to 10 persons) at home or at the office or wherever location that is appropriate or convenient for children and adults.

Besides reciting the Quran, Beana Homequran also teaches Fardhu Ain for beginners.

The ustazah at Beana.

“We do not want Muslims to use the excuse of busy traffic to not recite the Quran. With Beana, it’s not only more comfortable but also saves time.

“As most of our tutors will go to the customers’ home, the learning environment is also more conducive and easier for learning.

“With such personal classes, one can eliminate any doubts on the basic rules of tajwid and not be shy about pronunciation,” says Anna.

She says the minimum request for classes is once a week (or four times a month), and one hour for every session.

As of now, customers need to fill up a form at Beana’s website ( if they want to request for a tutor.

Beana Homequran will go through the forms and find tutors near the customer’s area.

She says the company only operates in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya currently but will soon branch out to other states.

Beana Homequran now has 250 customers, 84 tutors and seven administration staff. Although they have been around for a year, requests for Quran lessons are on the rise.

“Since our services became known to the public, more and more people have been requesting for Quran tutors.

Sadly, we have not been able to fulfil a lot of their needs because we lack tutors,” says Anna.

Some of the 84 tutors at Beana.

Beana also helps students or fresh graduates to get part-time or full-time jobs as tutors. Training is given before they start teaching.

“We also want to change their mindset of teaching only at schools or well-known centres.

If all of them decide to teach at schools, what will happen to those individuals and groups reaching out for help?” asks Anna, adding that they plan to organise a seminar on making Quran-teaching a professional job.

For those interested to become a tutor, Anna says one has to have a diploma or tahfiz certificate that is certified by the government, have their own transport and also a smart phone (to punch in their attendance). Tutors also need to undergo a writing test and an interview.

Anna credits entrepreneurship initiatives like the eUsahawan programme by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for her success.

“Initially joined the programme because of another business venture. Later, with the help of MDEC, I set up Beana Homequran.

“MDEC offered me a mentor to level up my business. It even helped Beana produce its corporate video, logo rebranding and website upgrade,” she says.

“With its help, our revenue tripled. MDEC taught us to use social media to promote our services,” says Anna.

Anna says the company is in the midst of developing an online booking system for customers.

“With online booking, customers who log on to our website can register and see available tutors around their area.

“They can also view the tutors’ profile before selecting and even give feedback on their services.

“For tutors, they will soon have an online dashboard where they can view their timetable and adjust their time to the schedule,” Anna says.

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