Qualcomm introduce new generation of Snapdragon mobile platform

Qualcomm China stated today that the Technology Summit would be held on December 1st, at which time a new generation of the Snapdragon mobile will be unveiled.

Simultaneously, Qualcomm stated that Snapdragon will become an independent product brand with a new naming system that is both simple and consistent, making it easier for users to choose. The Snapdragon mobile platform’s naming system will be changed to a single number plus an intergenerational number, in line with the naming rules of other platforms.

According to prior reports, Qualcomm’s next generation of mobile platforms would be called Snapdragon 8 Gen1 rather than Snapdragon 898 because of the three-digit restriction. Snapdragon terminals are used by more than 2 billion people worldwide, according to Qualcomm.

As the number of users and brand favorability continues to grow, Snapdragon will become the core of more and more terminals, inspiring the love of more people around the world.

As a result, the Snapdragon brand’s breadth and depth must be increased. While growing its reach, it remains committed to its initial goal of being the first to introduce new images, ideas, and chapters to consumers.

Snapdragon terminals are currently used by over 2 billion people throughout the world. The Xiaolong fan community now has more than 3.5 million registered members.

Snapdragon lovers and mobile technology aficionados may come here to not only discuss ideas and opinions but also to gain the latest information and an exclusive first-hand experience.

Snapdragon is committed to providing users with an exceptional experience by bringing first-class connection technology and leading terminal-side AI performance to more new terminal categories, such as wearable devices, tablets, XR glasses, PCs, and cars, using the industry’s leading technology roadmap.

The Snapdragon brand system has offered a new distinct experience in recent years, emphasizing end-game-level mobile gaming capabilities via the Snapdragon Elite Gaming feature and a new level of clear, high-resolution audio experience via Snapdragon Sound.

As Snapdragon’s technology portfolio continues to innovate and develop, users will be excited to enjoy using the products.

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