Sapporo and IBM Partnership to Use AI for Product Development

Over the years, Japan's ready-to-drink market has doubled significantly that paved the path to diverse preferences on flavor, alcohol content, and more. To cater to the demand, is working in partnership with IBM Japan for the to use for their product process.

How the AI Can Help

With AI, marketers can input the AI with a general concept, along with up to ten flavor descriptors. They can also select one of 170 past Sapporo products to use as reference and specific how similar of a beverage they want.

The system can generate 100 possible formulations for the product in only a matter of seconds.

Sapporo will be the first in the country to use AI for ready-to-drink cocktails. In fact, it is already preparing to launch its first product developed with the technology this summer.

Their main goal is to speed up the process of product development-from market analysis to testing to consumer feedback. Currently, the development takes at least four to six months for the company. With the AI, the company can double the speed of the testing cycle and eventually, triple it once they get the hang of things.

Thinking Outside the Box

Artificial intelligence may also help product developers to see more angles and think outside the box. Ready-to-drink cocktails can be made from various ingredients.

Sapporo could use unexpected formulas and make that their secret sauce. The AI also suggested using beer as an ingredient for a heavier cocktail.

Soon, the Japanese brewer hopes to use the technology by involving customers in product development. For example, it could ask customers to send ideas for new beverages and use the AI to bring small batches to market.

AI in Breweries Today

Breweries already use AI to optimize their production processes and make the most efficient use of their resources. AI can be used to monitor fermentation tanks, predict beer sales, and adjust the production rate accordingly. AI can also help with beer aging, as it can use sensory data to measure flavor profiles and optimize the aging process.

AI can also be used in marketing to track customer preferences and develop targeted campaigns. AI can also help with customer service, as it can help in responding to customer inquiries and managing customer feedback.

Overall, AI is a powerful tool for breweries to optimize their operations, improve customer service, and develop better products. As AI becomes more advanced and accessible, it will no doubt be used in more and more areas of the brewing process.

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