Singapore outshines Malaysia in demand for marketing talent

Malaysia's marketing and advertising sector saw a slight decline in growth for April, recording a 7% year-on-year rise compared to 14% in March. This is according to the Monster Employment Index (MEI) which is a monthly gauge of online hiring activity across Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines tracked by

On the other hand, Singapore once again outshone its peers in Malaysia and the Philippines with a 25% annual growth in the demand for marketing in April. However, there was still a slight dip from the 29% growth it noted in March. Meanwhile according to MEI, the Philippines reported a modest increase from the previous month, with a 9% annual growth in April, up from 7% in March.

Malaysia also witnessed a dip in demand for marketing and communications roles from the previous months, posting a meagre 5% annual demand growth in April, as compared to 9% growth in March. Meanwhile, although Singapore had a 14% yoy increase in April, the demand was still two points lower than the 16% growth in March. On the other hand, the Philippines recorded double-digtit demand growth in April, with a 12% yoy growth up from 10% in March.

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