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is a service in Malaysia that helps individuals and businesses get things done. Think of it like a Fiverr, only it’s in the realm of real-life, physical tasks. Francesca’s vetted team of GoGetters are available for tasks ranging from pick-ups and deliveries to data entry to overflow help around holidays and busy events.

Francesca was part of the Alibaba eFounders Program and shares what inspired her most from the event.

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In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Francesca’s educational and career background prior to GoGet
  • What is GoGet and who uses it
  • About the GoGet business model
  • About Francesca’s experience with the Alibaba eFounders Program
  • Francesca’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

100: Francesca Chia, co-founder and CEO of GoGet

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Links from today’s episode

  • Read the full transcript from Francesca’s interview
  • Find Francesca on Facebook and LinkedIn

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Detailed show notes

  • (1:20) Francesca shares her work and educational background prior to GoGet
  • (2:50) The story behind GoGet and the catalyst that made Francesca jump into it full time.
  • (9:35) The basic framework of GoGet
  • (12:30) Francesca gives examples of how GoGet is used by individuals and businesses
  • (14:50) GoGet has an SLA of one hour deliveries
  • (16:55) Francesca explains the GoGetter side of the business — the application and hiring process as well as the GoGetter culture
  • (21:05) Francesca explains the GoGet revenue model
  • (23:38) Francesca address the issue of whether GoGetters are required to have a particular form of transportation
  • (24:55) Francesca’s goals for GoGet in 2018
  • (27:23) Francesca’s takeaways from the Alibaba eFounders program
  • (32:51) Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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