The monopoly-busting case against Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook | Malaysia

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eh, the argument for being a utility is a bit of a stretch. Even if we assume Amazon to be a big evil diabolical and unstoppable company, they aren’t a monopoly. They can’t even compete with Safeway who is already outcompeting them, since Safeway owns far more food distribution infrastructure than Amazon does. And most sales on Amazon aren’t with AmazonBasics stuff anyway, it’s with third party sellers. Also with NN dead, it’s questionable what Amazon’s future even if now that telcos have the ability to curb stomp it unless Bezos strings his own internet.

Also the idea of splitting up is stupid, since a software company like FB isn’t bound by geography like a hardware company like Bell was. A better idea would be to simply force FB to make their internal algorithms fully public, so public auditing can be done and ensure compliance with applicable laws (eg, election disclosure laws or libel laws).

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