Why you need a people first approach to marketing technology

CUSTOMERS do not buy products and services. Instead, they buy experiences. After all, we are human before we are consumers.

So, the human side of things will intrinsically go deeper into our decision-making processes and motivations.

That which will make human- experiences have more relevance.

CMOs need to make humanity the backbone of their efforts when pursuing technology.

According to a global study, the marketing technology market is closing in on US$100 billion. However, not all brands are satisfied with the outcome of the spending.

The problem lies with expecting the technology itself to boost the bottom line instead of using technology to leverage.

In truth, what marketers need is to create a more human and authentic digital experience via the use of technology.

In fewer words, marketing technology needs to be -first for business success.

How does technology serve the people-first approach?

Contrary to the classical approach, technology will be able to help marketers in crafting cognitive empathy that delivers real value.

The meaning of value differs for everyone. Hence, the experience is non-linear. What is positive for someone may be negative for another.

Here’s where technology can come in to personalize the service delivery that is driven by the human experience. The velocity of marketing technology will follow suit in support.

For example, AI software can monitor the inflection and tone on service calls to equip call center agents and prepare them to provide appropriate responses during the call.

As a result, the AI solution can help improve customer satisfaction, engagement, as well as first-contact resolution.

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In this day and age, customers are savvy. Consumers today are more self-sufficient than ever with easy access to research right at their fingertips.

This means to say that the market now demands transparency and authenticity more than anything.

So, for marketing efforts to be successful, the technology needs to be able to support the people-first approach. In the end, that is what technology is for to make our lives more seamless and convenient.

With the right use of marketing technology, businesses are sure to be able to win customers and soar to greater heights.

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