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Clever Feedback lets you easily add a feedback form to your WordPress blog. It’s simple to get started just activate the plugin and you are ready!

Yes, this is a clever plugin

This is a Clever Feedback system because you can not only collect user’s feedbacks, you can also know what your users think about all the existing user’s Feedbacks.

Clever Feedback is fully customizable

All the text displayed in the Feedback modal window can be customized through the Options menu voice, no matter if your website is in English or in other languages, all the text can be customized.

If you need a Feedback form with the color of your website or brand, simply go to the Options menu voice and the change the main color, all the colored elements will change accordingly.

Inside the Feedback menu you can browse all the received Feedback and related information, if you need to store your Feedbacks and related information you can export all the collected data as a CSV file, a very simple data file format supported by almost all spreadsheet software.


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