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Envato Author – Marketplace API WordPress Plugin is a simple and easy to use plugin for embedding items and authors information from any of Envato Marketplaces into your own WordPress powered websites through use of shortcodes and widgets.

This comes with 9 Shortcodes, 9 Widgets and 3 WordPress Dashboard Widgets. It helps to display any item/items from any Envato marketplace with all data using Envato Marketplace API. You can use theme in the website sidebars or in pages or in posts.

It's automatically adds referral URL on all the URLs, that means you can earn through referral marketing, if you're author on not, you just need a Envato account.

It includes 3 WordPress dashboard widget, it displays your envato account balance and other item informations. It also displays the monthly statement and the last 50 sale statistics.


  • Very simple to install and use.
  • Supports all Envato Marketplaces (currently 8 marketplaces).
  • List marketplace items: popular, new, new from user and random.
  • Display Account Information, Monthly Statement and Last 50 Sale on WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Display Featured Author from any marketplace.
  • Display Featured Item from any marketplace.
  • Display Free Item from any marketplace.
  • Display any marketplace item by specified item ID.
  • Display any marketplace author information by specified username.
  • Generate Referral Links on all the URLs.
  • No coding experience necessary to set it up or use.
  • Ability to choose how many items to display (1 to 29++).
  • All major browser and device supported.
  • Caching of received Envato data for faster response.
  • Requires a cURL enabled hosting to connect to the API


  • [wpenvato_user marketplace=”” username=”“]
  • [wpenvato_item item_number=”“]
  • [wpenvato_newitems marketplace=”” categories=”” width=”” height=”” limit=”“]
  • [wpenvato_newitems_random marketplace=”” width=”” height=”” limit=”“]
  • [wpenvato_newitems_user marketplace=”” username=”” width=”” height=”” limit=”“]
  • [wpenvato_popular marketplace=”” width=”” height=”” limit=”“]
  • [wpenvato_featured_item marketplace=”“]
  • [wpenvato_featured_author marketplace=”“]
  • [wpenvato_free_item marketplace=”“]


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