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Looking for the best WordPress magazine theme with a neat and bold design? We present you Hunted: A Flowing Editorial Magazine Theme.

Hunted theme can be used for your stories, daily articles, fashion news, decoration tips, hangout advices and everything else regarding life.

A final note before talking about its features: When you think that you can make Hunted better, we're here and would be more than glad to improve it with your comments.

Top Features

  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design
  • Hunted Slider: A sleek slider that can be used with 3 different styles, lots of extra options and in 3 different positions:
  • 7 Different Blog Layout Options:

    Fullwidth versions of them are also available.

  • Unlimited Header Views with additional settings like paddings, logo size, sticky header trigger time etc.
  • Leaderboard Banner Management System: Excluding the widgetized areas, you can place up to 5 different banners into 15 different positions.
  • Combinable Listing Styles: You can use and combine different styles for indexed views or widgets!
  • Sponsored Posts: Mark your post widgets as sponsored or promoted. It's possible to use any word you wish.
  • Authorized Posts: Embed 2 of the latest (or random) posts of the author into the text on post pages.
  • Separated Sidebars: You can use different sidebars for Blog Homepage, Archive Pages, Pages and Post Pages.
  • Post Format Based Sidebar: You can hide the sidebar on gallery posts for example.
  • Fixed Sidebar (Q2W3 Fixed Widget Support)
  • 9 Widget Areas:
    • Sidebar-Blog Homepage
    • Sidebar-Archive
    • Sidebar-Page
    • Sidebar-Post
    • Header Widgets
    • Upper Widgets
    • Blog Homepage Widgets
    • Footer Widgets
    • WooCommerce Widgets
  • 13 Custom Widgets:
    1. Image Widget:
      Go ahead and place a nice image with a title. You can link it to anywhere too.
    2. Post Widget:
      Maybe you want some special attention for one of your posts. Use this!
    3. Popular Posts Widget:
      Some posts are crowded ha? This widget will find and display them.
    4. Recent Posts Widget:
      Display a couple or two of your latest posts.
    5. Selected Posts Widget:
      Display the posts you've selected. Very useful for the posts you want to put forward.
    6. Category/Tag Posts Widget:
      Display the posts belong to a specific category or tag.
    7. Recent Comments Widget:
      Display the latest comments your visitors have dropped.
    8. Tags/Categories Widget:
      A well styled list of your tags or categories.
    9. Ads Widget:
      A widget for your Ads. Just place your and you're done.
    10. Search Widget:
      You can search for anything on your site. Can you believe it?
    11. Social Widget:
      Place your social account icons in a sleek list.
    12. Facebook Widget:
      Show your Facebook page's lovers.
    13. Empty Space Widget:
      Just place an empty space between your widgets if you wish. It's very handy!
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Font Options: All of the Google Fonts are included in Hunted and you can use 3 different fonts at the same.
  • Translation via Customizer: You don't need to get drowned in strange language files. But if you wish, you can still use the included .pot file for your translations.
  • Very Well Organized Customizer
  • Show/Hide/Change Almost Everything
  • Super Light Structure and High Performance on Any Platform
  • Easy Usage
  • No Coding Knowledge Required

Customer Reviews

Other Features

  • Demo Content Included
  • Separated Demo Content for WooCommerce
  • Child Theme Included
  • Fullwidth Layout Option
  • Featured Image Settings
  • 5 Post Formats: Standard, Gallery, Video, Aside and Link
  • Sticky Header
  • Column Options for Widgetized Areas
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Background Image is Available
  • 19 Social Accounts Available including VK
  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • Mail Chimp for WP Support
  • Instagram Slider Widget Support
  • Google Maps
  • SEO Optimized
  • W3C Validated

Have You Seen Blake von Hauer?

Blake von Hauer - Editorial Fashion Magazine Theme - Personal Blog / Magazine

Need Support?

Please don't hesitate to ask anything. We're ready to help you on our comments page! For further assistance, head over to and submit a ticket.

Release Notes

*** v.4.4 / June 20, 2018 ***
+ Translation string added for "Log in to Reply".
+ Visual improvements for "Log in to Reply" button while login is needed to reply a comment.
*** v.4.3 / May 26, 2018 ***
+ An option added for the mobile menu parent item click actions.
*** v.4.2 / May 1, 2018 ***
+ New Google Fonts added: Faustina, Mina, Nanum, Sedgwick, Gaegu, Stylish, IBM Plex and Jua.
*** v.4.1 / March 14, 2018 ***
+ Minor fix for WooCommerce 3.3.x
*** v.4.0 / February 7, 2018 ***
+ Google Font "Barlow" added.
+ Typo update.
*** v.3.9 / November 15, 2017 ***
+ Minor fix for WooCommerce 3.2.x
+ ID value added for the footer to stop the fixed sidebar.
*** v.3.8 / August 20, 2017 ***
+ All Google Fonts are available now.
+ Language file updated.
+ Documentation file updated.
*** v.3.7 / July 19, 2017 ***
+ Image size fixed for Pinterest share.
+ Deviant Art social icon fixed.
+ Minor fix for Google Maps api.
+ Typo fixings.
*** v.3.6 / June 26, 2017 ***
+ A bug fixed where "Exclude the Slider Posts from Feed" option does not work for slider.
+ Demo content file updated.
*** v.3.5 / May 18, 2017 ***
+ New slider plugin added! (New Hunted Slider)
+ Help file updated.
+ Demo content file updated.
*** v.3.4 / April 26, 2017 ***
+ A bug fixed where mobile menu does not scroll correctly.
*** v.3.3 / April 13, 2017 ***
+ WooCommerce 3.0 support.
*** v.3.2 / February 2, 2017 ***
+ A bug fixed where the "View All" button link is broken in "Hunted Widget: Category/Tag Posts".
+ A bug fixed where the search icon causes a javascript error when not in use.
*** v.3.1 / December 6, 2016 ***
+ API Key field added for Google Maps.
+ Layout options added for WooCommerce.
+ Show/Hide Sidebar on Product Pages option added.
+ You can now set the number of products to show on shop pages.
+ Language file updated.
+ Help file updated.
*** v.3.0 / October 4, 2016 ***
+ WooCommerce support.
+ Demo content files updated.
+ Minor fixings.


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