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Network Posts allows you to display aggregated list of recent posts from single or multiple sub-sites (blogs) on your main WordPress multisite site. You can choose between widgets, shortcodes and WP_Query-like alternatives to display your posts, pages or custom post types on your main network site.


  • Supports posts, pages and custom post types.
  • Network Posts cached for fast and effective content delivery.
  • Automatic caching for newly added posts, pages and custom post types.
  • Optional per post/page approval.
  • Detail and up to date documentation.

Display Options

  • Widgets. Network Posts plugin comes with three widgets Network Blog Recent Posts and Network Recent Posts to display recent posts from one or more network sites in a single feed, while Network Posts Stats widget will let you display some simple Network Posts stats.
  • Shortcode. Create single or two column layouts for your recent network posts by just inserting a shortcode!
  • Custom Templates. Advanced option for developers. Create grids, ajax feeds and more with NP_Query, a feature rich WP_Query alternative for your multisite posts.

Note: This plugin is designed for WordPress Multisite sites only.


* Updated: New caching engine.

* New: Store post categories in cache.
* Updated: `category_name` argument added to NP_Query.
* Updated: `category_name` added as shortcode attribute to filter posts by category slug.

* Updated: Shortcode improvements.
* Updated: Small plugin code improvements.

* Updated: Fixed $np_found_posts value in paged queries.

* Updated: Fixed get_the_np_date() / the_np_date() localization issue.
* Updated: Resolved charset issues caused by plugin setup script.

* New: Added Network Posts Stats widget.
* New: Added option to offset post listing when using shortcode (see documentation for details).
* Updated: Added excerpt and thumbnail options to Network Recent Posts and Network Blog Recent Posts widgets.

* New: Added option to display post author when using Network Posts widgets.
* Updated: Fixed undefined variable issue in NP_Query implementation.
* Updated: Fixed issue with auto-approval for single posts/pages/cpt.
* Updated: Code revision and small improvements.

* New: Added option to review post before displaying them on the main site.
* Updated: Optimized documentation images, to reduce plugin size.
* Updated: Install / upgrade script to address database changes.
* Updated: Fixed Network Blog Recent Posts post ordering issue.

* New: Added author and blog_ids attributes to shortcode.
* New: Added author parameter to NP_Query.
* Updated: Translation strings updated.
* Updated: Updated documentation addressing optional shortcode attributes.

* New: Added option to display date and author using shortcode.
* Updated: When excerpt is empty a content summary is shown for shortcode.

* New: Added get_np_blog_id() to simplify retrieval of blog_id for network post in the loop.
* Updated: Updated get_the_np_content() and the_np_content() methods to support extra params.
* Updated: Documentation updated.

* New: Shortcode added to display network posts in various grid formats.

* New: Added `offset` and `paged` argument support to NP_Query.
* New: Added get_the_np_author() and the_np_author() methods retrieve author of the post.
* Updated: Updated documentation to address new changes to NP_Query and other small corrections.

* Update: Issue fixed where created/updated posts are not added to cache.
* Update: Issue fixed where entry kept in cache even if post_type is no longer set to be cached.

* New: Added option to cache only posts marked as cacheable.
* New: Network Posts plugin for WordPress Multisites is now translation ready.
* New: Lithuanian language translations added.
* Updated: Minor bug fixed and code improvements.
* Updated: Documentation updated.

* New: Added information about cached posts to caching tab.
* New: Added additional debugging data logging to caching script.

* New: Support for Custom Post Type caching added.
* New: ABSPATH checks added for php files.
* Updated: Documentation updated.

* New: Plugin URI added, Visit plugin site link is now visible in Plugins page.
* New: Network Blog Recent Posts widget added.
* New: post_format field added to database schema.
* New: NP_Query updated to accept post_format and blog_ids arguments.
* Updated: Documentation updated.

* New: Initial release


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