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PageLoader is a tremendously customizable WordPress loading screen and progression bar plugin. Add it to your theme as a simple loader or make use of it as a full-blown branding tool; the incredibly easy to use customization tools allow for both (and then some!).

It's a fantastically lightweight and unobtrusive way to make your website more memorable.

PageLoader has a strong development history. As the plugin continues to grow and evolve, customers will continue to reap the value benefits through continuous free updates. And, needless to say, our much-praised support makes for happy customers.


  • WordPress loading bar and loading screen plugin
  • Tremendously, easily customizable
  • Add to any theme
  • Actively developed
  • Customize with real-time previews (Live Customizer integration)
  • Very easy to use, just install-and-go
  • Very lightweight
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Thoroughly tried and tested:
    • desktop, tablets, smartphones
    • iOS, Android, Windows devices
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • Proven author with customer-praised support
  • Lifetime free updates


  • Loading/progress bar:
    • Optionally disable
    • Customize placement (top or bottom of screen, or below loading icon/image)
    • Customize bar thickness, width and padding
    • Customize bar and bar background colors (gradient option also available)
    • Optionally disable on touch devices
    • Optionally disable all other elements and display the progress bar only
    • Optionally slide/fade in loading elements upon loading screen appearance
  • Loading icon/image:
    • Use one of 10 included icons or..
    • ..upload your own loading image or enter image URL (animated or static)
    • Add custom ALT text
    • Customize icon color
    • Customize icon size (4 settings)
    • Apply animations to loading icon/image:
      • Rotating animation (clockwise or counterclockwise)
      • Fade-in/out pulsing animation
      • 4 animation speeds (slow, medium, fast, disabled)
      • On load start, blur and/or fade-in loading icon/image
      • Upon load completion, fade or zoom out loading icon/image
      • Secondary loading indicator (indicate loading progress when displaying a static image for example, color customizable)
    • Optionally hide loading icon/image entirely
  • Loading text:
    • Enter any loading text (or nothing at all)
    • Customize loading text color
    • Customize font size
    • Use theme font
    • If no loading sentence is used, unload GoogleFonts
  • Animated loading dots:
    • Optionally display additional loading indicator dots below loading icon/image
    • Customize color
    • Apply custom scaling
  • Background:
    • Fade-out or slide-out (control direction, scaling, speed)
    • Customize background color
    • Customize background color transparency for see-through effect
    • Upload background image (set as pattern or full size)
    • Customize background image transparency for see-through effect
  • Close function safeguard
    • If loading takes too long, a helpful message with a close function appears. This is very useful if something prevents a page from finishing loading (unresponsive embedded content from a third-party, for example)
    • Set custom appearance timing
    • Enter custom text
    • Customize color
  • Optionally add post-load animation to content upon load completion
    • Customize animation speed
    • Customize slide-in animation direction and distance
    • Customize scaling animation
    • Customize opacity of element(s) the animation is applied to
    • Target entire site body or specific elements only (a blog post's title and content, for example)

Other settings

  • Unstyled widget location
  • Optionally display once-per-session
  • Optionally set custom delay for loading screen disappearance
  • Optionally disable loader on specific posts/pages
  • Optionally show loading screen on touch devices only
  • Optionally show loader on homepage only (great for welcome screen behavior)


- Added blur and opacity load start effects to loading icon/image. Note: blur effect not yet perfectly supported by all browsers (to be considered as future-ready feature).
- Added option to slide/fade in loading elements at beginning of load (shown on examples #2 and #3 on demo site)
- Added an unstyled widget location
- Added option to completely hide loading icon/image
- Added 'once-per-session' option. It is now possible to have the loading screen display just once, on the visitor's first page view only.
- It is now possible to display the loading image from an off-site URL
- Added option to enter custom ALT text for the loading image
- Animated loading dots can now be scaled at will
- Next to top and bottom of screen placements, progress bar can now also be placed below the loading icon/image
- Progress bar's width can now be customized
- Progress bar now has a padding option
- Added additional color option to progress bar for gradient effect
- Added option to set custom image size for custom loading image
- Added option to use theme font for loading sentence (+ option to change the font size)
- Added option to unload GoogleFont for cases where loading sentence is not used or when a theme font is used instead
- Added additional loading screen animation options (slide-out, scaling, speed). See demo site example #3 for one possible outcome.
- The loading/progress bar can now optionally be disabled for touch devices
UPDATE 2.3.2
- Expanded upon post-load content animation possibilities. You can now:
----- apply custom scaling to content
----- apply custom opacity to content
UPDATE 2.3.1
- Added additional content slide-in animation option: it is now possible to target specific elements only (post title and content for example).
- Expanded upon content slide-in animation options
--- It is now possible to customize slide-in speed, distance as well as direction (from top or bottom)
--- Slide-in animation is now much smoother on touch devices
--- The slide-in options are now placed in their own section
Loading bar, progress bar, percentage loader... whatever you call it, PageLoader now has it per requests from our customers. Fully customizable, of course:

- Added YouTube-like progress bar
--- Customize bar thickness
--- Customize bar and bar background colors
--- Customize placement (top or bottom of screen)
--- Optionally disable
--- Optionally disable all other elements and display the progress bar only
- Expanded upon the close function:
--- Set custom timing for close function appearance
--- Enter custom text for close function
--- Close function text color now customized separately from loading text
Update 2.0 is a massive re-build and modernization of PageLoader, with which we are demonstrating our on-going dedication to the preloader's development. Now 30% lighter than before, this update includes codebase changes both big and small, the more notable of which is how the preloader's customization is handled, with all customization options now residing in the WordPress Live Customizer. Because of this, if you purchased PageLoader before version 2.0, please re-enter your customization settings under "Appearance > Customize > PageLoader Plugin". Thanks to being able to preview your customizations in real-time, setting up PageLoader exactly as you see fit is now much, much faster and convenient than before.

With several new customization options and additional features already planned, you will only see more value packed into this nifty little WordPress preloader plugin. And as always, all updates are free.

Here is the complete changelog for PageLoader v2.0:

- Due to codebase rewrite and optimizations, PageLoader is now 30% lighter than before, even with all the new features that were added in this update
- Moved all customization settings to the WordPress real-time customizer
- Added alternate animation style which scales the loading icon/image upon load completion
- Added option to set custom load delay
- A background image can now be added to the loading screen (as either a pattern or full-size)
- Added option to change background image opacity
- Added optional animated dots under loading text (very useful if you are for example showing a static logo as the loading image but would still like to convey progress to the visitor)
- Color of animated dots can be changed
- Changed loading text font to a more neutral one
- Added fade-in/out animation option (useful if you use a logo image as the loading indicator for example)
- Added option to replace loading icon with an image
- Added option to show loading screen on front page only
- Added new feature: a close button will now appear after 7 seconds, allowing users to get past the loading screen if for example a third-party embed takes too long to load
- Fixed situation where the loading icon would still get shown when PageLoader was hidden per post/page; both the background and icon are now hidden properly when said option is chosen.
- Custom loading text can now be added below the icon
- Added option to change background opacity
- Icon spin animation can now be disabled
- Added option to show PageLoader on mobile devices only (great if you want to add app-like page transitions to your mobile site)
- Added option to disable the page slide-in animation
- the plugin now comes with a settings page that allows users to:
--- pick from a selection of icons
--- change the icon size
--- change the icon animation direction
--- change the icon animation speed
 - the PageLoader loading screen can now be disabled for specific posts/pages


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