Totallee’s super thin collection of iPhone cases

California-based case maker totallee has been making some of the best reviewed thin cases around since 2013, and now you can buy the lineup on Amazon too. We're big fans of the branding-free totallee cases which include a number of color options and materials all with an incredibly thin profile. They're the perfect case for the new XS Max, XS and XR, helping keep them protected without adding extra bulk.

Totallee is now offering its collection of ultra minimalistic cases  for just $28.97.

Elegant Minimalism

Totallee's cases are only 0.02 inches thin, weigh just 0.01 ounces, and are completely free of any branding. The result is a minimalistic case that almost disappears around your iPhone.

That doesn't mean they don't add protection. These cases offer extra scratch and bump protection and are designed to withstand everyday use to help make your device last longer. They also feature a raised camera ring that protects the camera when you place down your phone. There isn't an ounce of excess on this case. If you are looking for a cover that adds an extra layer of protection while retaining the original look of your iPhone, these cases might be just perfect for you.

You can now get the cases for all iPhone sizes, including for iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max. They are also available for older iPhone models. No matter which case you choose, it's backed by a two-year warranty.

Almost Invisible

One case we love from the new lineup is totallee's clear case. This is the ultimate case for people looking to add protection that is virtually invisible. Made of a soft and durable TPU material this case can absorb some shock from an impact and is barely noticeable. It lets you show off your new iPhone without the branding and logos typical from most other case manufacturers that usually get in the way even with clear cases.

Totallee also carries a more premium leather version exclusively on its website. They're some of the thinnest leather cases on the market, featuring a genuine leather backing. The leather cases are available for $39 with free shipping.


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