Watch Exclusive ‘Escape Room’ Featurette: Trigger

Getting in is the easy part. A handful of strangers accept a mysterious invitation that leads them to a room that holds many secrets. At first it's curious, then it quickly becomes apparent that their survival is at stake. In Room, the trapped strangers must first find clues in order to solve perplexing puzzles that may not be obeying the rules of time and space.

In our featurette, we hear from cast members Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Russell, Nik Dodani and Jay Ellis as they talk about the complexities of the mysteries revealed and how they reflect upon the characters. Dodani notes that the film “blends a traditional horror storyline with a more psychological storyline; it's terrifying.”

Logan Miller and Tyler Labine also star. the intriguing video below and then get tickets to Escape Room. The thriller will open in theaters everywhere on January 4, 2019.

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