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Too Many Product Images in your Product Gallery? with Twist, you can Easily add a carousel to your WooCommerce product gallery. Comes with vertical and horizontal gallery layouts and navigation support.

Plugin Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • Navigation support
  • Slider AutoPlay Options
  • Image slider for Single Product feature Image area
  • Lightbox Customization
  • RTL Mode
  • Gallery Layout [Vertical and Horizonal Silder]
  • On/Off LightBox Setting for Thumbnails images
  • Working with Most of Premium themes


  • Twist required PHP version 5.5 or + .
  • Twist Requires jQuery >= 1.7.0 or later for the Lightbox
  • Twist is a conflict with image zoom plugins.But You can use By default woocommerce Zoom Feature (if you are using any image zoom plugin for your shop then please don't purchase it.
  • At this moment it's conflict with Master Slider Plugin. But if you temporary deactivate Master Slider and save the Twist Setting then it will be working again.
  • Change Log:

    v2.0.5 – 17 December 2017

    • Added : add new option “Hide Thumbnails”
    • Update: Load plugin js and css files only for Single Product page

    v2.0.4 – 12 December 2017

    • Added : Visual Composer shortcode add for Custom Layout.
    • Added: New Setting option

    v2.0.3 – 17 November 2017

    • Added: Thumbnails scroll by [New option]
    • Added: Add Gallery Layout Vertical Right [New option]
    • Fixed: Mobile devices Drag option not working
    • Fixed: jQuery Error if Zoom Feature Turn off from Twist settings

    v2.0.2 – 17 October 2017

    v2.0.1 – 4 Octobor 2017

    v2.0 – 7 September 2017

    • Major Update
    • Added: Support for Default woocommerce Zoom
    • Added: New Setting options
    • Added: Image slider for Single Product feature Image area
    • Added: Lightbox Customization
    • Added: RTL Mode
    • Fixed: Variation Product image Conflict

    v1.2.2 – 27 April 2017

    • Fixed: Variation Product image does not change after selecting the attributes

    v1.2.1 – 6 April 2017

    • Fixed: woo commerce version 3.0 gallery conflict
    • Added: New gallery Setting option in WPGS setting for Woocommerce version 3.0 or later

    v1.2 – 22 Feb 2017

    • Fixed – Display navigation icons in product image if the product doesn't have gallery images.
    • Fixed – Run jQuery and CSS codes only when visitors are open Single Product page( for improving site loading time )

    v1.1 – 01 May 2016

    • Bug fixing and adding new features

    v1.0 – 11 Feb 2016

    • Initial Release


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