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RSVP Gen will turn any static html form to be a working RSVP form, and its view panel also give you an easy way to view current RSVP members. It saves you a lot of time
building your RSVP forms. No design restriction, totally up to your own design.

You can use RSVP Gen to setup event registration page within minutes.
RSVP Gen is a very simple rsvp script, but it is extremely useful.


  1. Add a few lines of codes to your page to turn any form to be a working RSVP form
  2. Build-in validation rules.(able to add your own validation rule too)
  3. Customizable error message layout
  4. Customizable success message
  5. View panel: Sortable columns
  6. View panel: Live(ajax) search on every field
  7. View panel: Pagination

Manual file is included in download file.


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