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Staff Zone – Collaborative Dashboard for Team Member, is an application developed specifically for management of team member in projects.

Features in this application are:
1. Division Managers to Create team division.
2. Project Managers that create a project, adding project phases, and assign a project to division.
3. User Managers that manage team member.
4. Administrator Managers that manage application administrator.
5. Project calendars (integrated with fullcalendar).
6. Member can change their ideas in the comment panel of a project phase (uploading attachment, post a task, give comment, reply comment)
7. Send email to notice member that he has assigned to a project.
8. And many more features which made this system very useful to facilitate your team management. As for features addition in the future will be done, and please feel free to give feedback for addition or correction to this system.

This application used Symfony 2.8 PHP (LTS) framework with Doctrine Bundle, Twig Bundle, Security Bundle, Swift Mailer Bundle, and more. Symfony is flexible framework with bundle concept where you can put or remove bundle with little difficulties. It is easy to customize with symfony framework.

We will help you if you got problem in installation process, please contact us anytime ( or via codecanyon contact form) and we will process in 8 PM – 10 PM time span (GMT + 7) everyday.



DEMO – PHP 5.5x

Link :

*notes : some features are disabled for demo purposes ! :)”>


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