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UberPanel is a plugin which adds a widgetised sliding panel to any WordPress theme. It provides you with an unobtrusive way to add additional space to your theme.

Try the left panel | Try the top panel

Unobtrusive Sliding-Panel for your WordPress Theme

  • Unobtrusively adds more space to your WordPress theme
  • Supports WordPress widgets (four horizontal columns and one vertical)
  • Choose from the left (off-canvas) panel or the top position
  • Choose colours for the button & border, or the optional pre-defined style
  • Works beautifully on all modern devices

Try Before You Buy

Would you like to try how UberPanel integrates with your website? Simply copy (temporarily) the below into your website's footer.php. However, please note that jQuery is required and that the demo does not support SSL.

Instead of copying the code into your footer.php, you can also hit F12 (in Chrome), look for the “Console”-tab, click into the last row next to the ”>”, paste the code (without the “script”-tag) and hit ENTER.

UberPanel Left:


UberPanel Top:


A Note on Styles

Depending on the theme you use, it may be possible that some of the UberPanel styles are affected. In that case, you can use the CustomCSS within UberPanel to override these styles and to make it look exactly like you want. However, please note that support will not provided for styling and custom modifications.

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