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ViralPress v3.0 is available
What is new in v3.0?
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Features of ViralPress
Features of ViralPress
Introduction to ViralPress

ViralPress is a wordpress plugin to build a viral content sharing platform.
ViralPress supports news, lists, images, audio, videos, playlists, galleries, social media embeds, polls and quizzes.

With ViralPress, anyone can easily create viral lists, quizzes and polls quickly and easily from front end.

So now you can create your own Buzzfeed like site on wordpress.

List of Available Features

ViralPress offers a wide list of features. Some of them are presented below-

  • Frontend Editor:
  • Open list: ViralPress supports open list submission. Now anyone can create and submit open lists. List items can be liked/disliked or upvoted/downvoted individually.
  • Ten types of Viral Posts:
  • Mixed Contents: ViralPress allows you to mix different types of contents together. So you can mix image, video, audio or social media embeds on a single post.
  • Frontend Image Editor: WordPress default image editor is available via frontend to be used by contributors of your wordpress site.
  • Meme generator: ViralPress meme generator can be used to build meme and save as media into wordpress.
  • Social Login: ViralPress login module supports login by facebook or google profiles.
  • Facebook comments: ViralPress supports facebook comments plugin on post pages besides wordpress default comments system. You can turn in on or off via ViralPress admin configurations page.
  • Social Share Buttons: ViralPress adds 11 different social media share buttons with your wordpress posts or viral posts. You can also control this feature from admin panel.
  • Custom Author Page: ViralPress has custom profile pages for authors where they can choose their own profile pictures and cover photos.
  • Increase social traffic with force quiz sharer: ViralPress can be configured to force users to share the quiz before they can see their result. This will help you increase social traffic on your site. Social shares can be tracked from admin panel.
  • Easy ad placement: Ad placement options at the beginning or end of the post or between lists
  • Three widgets: Most popular posts (based on reactions), most voted polls and most taken quizzes.
  • ViralPress can allow guest users to cast poll votes or submit reactions to posts based on backend settings.
  • BuddyPress Integration: ViralPress now supports buddypress. When any user creates a list, their BuddyPress profile will be updated with the activity along with post title, post excerpt and post thumbnail. ViralPress will also embed a Posts and Openlists tab on buddypress profiles which lists authors published posts. If you have BuddyPress installed, ViralPress should auto detect it. It will also notify users when their posts or openlists are approved or they have some comment on their post or reply on their comments.
  • myCRED Integration: ViralPress offers points hooks for myCRED users. Want to give users points when they submit open list? Or when they receive like on their post, votes on their post? Or when they participate on polls or takes quiz? ViralPress offers all these features. Note: before points distribution please read ViralPress documentation notes on these.
  • Gif reactions and image comment: Users can upload gif or static image or use some predefined set of gifs. You can always change predefined gif files from admin panel.
  • WordPress social login integration: ViralPress now supports wordpress social login shortcode on it's custom login modal.
  • Comments per list: It is possible to add facebook comments per individual list. Now users can discuss open list items separately.
  • Likes/dislikes or upvote/downvote: ViralPress have both. Choice is yours. Buttons will be added under each numbered list item and under the main post.
  • ViralPress supports wordpress gallery and audio/video playlists. Note: you will need jetpack plugin to enable caraousel/tiled galleries in wordpress.
  • Copy post features: With this feature, it is easy to replicate viral posts quickly and build a new one. You can configure this from admin panel.
  • SEO friendly: All posts created by ViralPress are SEO friendly.
  • Developer friendly: ViralPress custom filters can be used to customize plugin's output htmls. And action hooks are available to perform actions on ViralPress activity.

Supported post types in ViralPress-

  • News: A news have a title and description with it. You can also add image, video, audio or social media posts with a news.
  • Lists: Its basically a list of images, videos, audio or any other post type supported by ViralPress.
  • Images:
  • Video: mp4, webm are supported. Uploaded media can be used to create playlists.
  • Audio: mp3 files are supported. Uploaded media can be used to create playlists.
  • Embeds:
  • Quiz: ViralPress supports three types of quiz – personality (2 type), MCQ and trivia.
  • Polls:
  • Gallery: Tiled gallery, thumbnail gallery, caraousel gallery etc supported.
  • Playlist:

List styles in ViralPress-

List display in ViralPress-

  • One column: Title, content and description shown in one column. View sample
  • Two column, picture left:
  • Two column, picture right: This style is just opposite to the style described above.
  • Two column, alternating: Odd numbered lists follow two column-left picture style and even numbered lists follow two column-right picture style. View sample

Note: List style and display settings are applied on if an entry is checked to show numbering or numbering is enabled on the post.

Server Requirements

To run ViralPress, your server must meet the following requirements-

  • WordPress: Latest version of wordpress. If you do not have latest version, we recommend version 5 or greater)
  • Theme compability: ViralPress should work on most of the themes. However, in some themes few pages will look better if the sidebar is hidden. For
    example, the create new post page or the custom author page requires the full width of a page to display nicely. But some do not have any full width display . For those themes, you will have to create a full width yourself or change the theme. Those pages are still responsive. So they will show in responsive when there is a sidebar on those page.

ViralPress Demo

To test a demo of this plugin, please use the following URL –
ViralPress demo website
Username: test
Password: test

Online documentation:
View documentation

Help & Support

To get help and support please contact us via Email on our codecanyon profile page. We do not provide support via comments section of item page.
If you have presales question or feature requests, you can post on comments section.

Note: The preview images displayed here are theme dependent and will vary based on the theme used.

Credits: Icon made by Freepik from

Update History

v3.5.0 (14 Feb 2017)

  • Fixed: Minor bug fix in quiz editor.

v3.4.9 (10 Feb 2017)

  • Fixed: Bug fix in login & registration module (redirects were not working properly).
  • Added: Chinese translation mo & po files (thanks to kukuyun for the translation).

v3.4.8 (08 Nov 2016)

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes in meme generator.
  • Added: Options to stroke text in meme generator.

v3.4.7 (07 Nov 2016)

  • Fixed: HTML was not working on quiz score popup.
  • Fixed: Quiz score popup was not working for guest users.

v3.4.6 (24 Oct 2016)

  • Fixed: Few css issues on custom profile page.

v3.4.5 (23 Oct 2016)

  • Added: Source URL for quiz questions.
  • Changed: Order of results and questions has been swapped for personality quiz.
  • Changed: Typed results title now appear in dropdown for personality quiz.
  • Fixed: Quiz answer source URL was not working.
  • Fixed: Login prompt when guest users click on react with gif images.
  • Fixed: Optimized meme image size.
  • Fixed: Few css issues on custom profile page.
  • Fixed: Few other bug fixes and minor changes.

v3.4.3 (11 Oct 2016)

  • Added: option to use gif reactions separately.
  • Fixed: Few other bug fixes and minor changes.

v3.4.2 (02 Oct 2016)

  • Added: pot translation file alongside po file.
  • Fixed: unicode text problem in quiz explanation.
  • Fixed: Youtube thumbs were not full sized.
  • Fixed: Few other bug fixes and minor changes.

v3.4.1 (27 Sep 2016)

  • Fixed: Bug on quiz editor.
  • Fixed: Missing translations.

v3.4 (26 Sep 2016)

  • Added: Meme generator in open list submission.
  • Added: WordPress social login plugin integration with viralpress login.
  • Added: Option to control all type of post submission from admin panel.
  • Improvement: Improved editor page.
  • Improvement: Improved open list editor.
  • Fixed: Few other bug fixes.

v3.3 (24 Sep 2016)

  • Added: New post type meme.
  • Improved: Dashboard page redesign.
  • Improved: Action buttons (open list submit, copy, edit, delete buttons) now appear below post content.
  • Fixed: JS conflict with boombox theme.
  • Fixed: Problem with mashsharer plugin.
  • Fixed: Few other bug fixes.

v3.2 (22 Sep 2016)

  • Added: Option to sort open lists by votes.
  • Added: Configurable page and category slugs for ViralPress.
  • Added: Option to enable/disable new modules like playlist/gallery.
  • Added: Option to enable/disable voting for closed lists.
  • Added: New post type image.
  • Added: Possibility to add custom css without losing change installing new updates.
  • Improved: Open list editor improved.
  • Improved: Meme generator on editor page.
  • Improved: New profile page design.
  • Improved: New editor page design.
  • Fixed: Jetpack gallery responsiveness.
  • Fixed: Bug fix on profile image & banner uploader.
  • Fixed: Bug fix on item numbering when some items are skipped from numbering.
  • Fixed: Bug on open list item pagination.
  • Fixed: Bug on open list approval.
  • Fixed: myCRED point limits were not working.
  • Fixed: Few other bug fixes.

v3.1 (13 Sep 2016)

  • Fixed: Bug in playlist editor
  • Added: Self hosted audio & video responsiveness

v3.0 (11 Sep 2016)

  • Added: Open list feature.
  • Added: Copy post feature.
  • Added: Trivia, personality & MCQ quiz types.
  • Added: Possibility to add facebook comments per list item.
  • Added: Up/down vote or like/dislike buttons.
  • Added: GIF reaction & photo comment.
  • Added: New list type gallery.
  • Added: New list type playlist.
  • Added: Self hosted audio/video support.
  • Added: Option to hotlink image without downloading to server.
  • Added: Meme generator.
  • Added: Custom URL embed. Domain must be whitelisted from settings.
  • Added: myCRED integration.
  • Added: Quiz share tracker.
  • Added: Auto set featured image from video thumbs when youtube, vimeo or dailymotion videos are listed.
  • Added: Admin panel improved.
  • Added: Admin options to enable/disable modules like list, quiz, poll etc.
  • Added: Menu notification badge on frontend.
  • Changed: Menu items changed.
  • Improved: Buddypress integration.
  • Improved: Added more hooks and filters for developers.
  • Fixed: Reactions could not be changed in earlier versions.
  • Fixed: Login redirect bug.

v2.5 (13 June 2016)

  • Added: Option for anonymous poll votes and post reaction.
  • Added: Option to force user to share the quiz before seeing their results.
  • Added: Ad placement options at the beginning or end of the post or between lists.
  • Added: Three new widgets : most popular posts (based on reactions), most voted polls and most taken quizzes. Note: These widgets will only sort posts by interactions recorded after this update is installed.

v2.4 (10 May 2016)

  • Fixed: Bug fix with google plus embed.
  • Added: Option to add recaptcha to signup and editor forms.
  • Changed: Removed some of the reaction buttons.

v2.3 (03 Apr 2016)

  • Fixed: Bug fix with video embed width.
  • Added: Admin option to choose which of your theme menu should be used by ViralPress.

v2.2 (09 Mar 2016)

  • Fixed: Bug fix with item pagination.

v2.1 (21 Feb 2016)

  • Added: Liveleak video embed support.
  • Changed: Added large share buttons on quiz score dialog.
  • Fixed: Bug fix with facebook share on quiz score dialog.

v2.0 (14 Feb 2016)

  • Fix: Video embeds were not responsive.
  • Fix: List images were not being attached to parent post.

v1.9 (10 Feb 2016)

  • Fix: Bug fix with dailymotion embed.
  • Added: Option to turn off post reactions. After upgrade from older versions, you must enable post reactions from ViralPress admin config page to keep post reactions displaying on your site.

v1.8 (7 Feb 2016)

  • Fix: Bug fix with image uplods.
  • Fix: Bug fix with ted video embeds.

v1.7 (6 Feb 2016)

  • Improved: Display improved for reaction and share buttons in small devices.

v1.6 (5 Feb 2016)

  • Added: Multiple category selection in ViralPress editor.
  • Added: Tag selection in ViralPress editor.
  • Added: Added links in admin panel to edit posts in ViralPress editor.
  • Added: Auto update and license activation for ViralPress.
  • Added: Option to enable or disable ViralPress editor for all users or admins only.
  • Added: Option to enable or disable ViralPress user flow (login, register & recovery system).
  • Added: Option to use categories to save viral post. This option will save the viral posts into categories with the same name as the post type.
  • Fixed: Few bug fix.

v1.5 (1 Feb 2016)

  • Fixed: Bug fix in quiz builder.

v1.4 (31 Jan 2016)

  • Fixed: Few bug fix.

v1.3 (28 Jan 2016)

  • Added: 12 types of post reactions.
  • Added: 3 types of list style option.
  • Added: 4 types of list display option.
  • Added: and bbc video support.
  • Added: Option to add source URL with each entry.
  • Improvements: Numbering is turned off by default on news type posts.
  • Removed: “Pins” term removed from nav menu.

v1.2 (26 Jan 2016)

  • Added: Option to block or allow admin panel (backend) access to contributors.
  • Added: Option to allow or disallow contributors to edit posts after pending approval. Edited posts are sent to pending folder after edit if moderation is enabled.
  • Fixed: An important bug fix in quiz editor.

v1.1 (23 Jan 2016)

  • Added: BuddyPress Integration (Buddypress activity and posts tab on profile)
  • Added: Option to enable or disable ViralPress custom menu
  • Fixed: Added missing textdomain loader for plugin

v1.0 (22 Jan 2016)

  • Initial Release


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