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OAuth Twitter is a simple Twitter plugin which allows you to add your most recent tweets straight into your WordPress blog.

This plugin is ideal if you’re looking to upgrade your current Twitter feed which may have broken due to recent Twitter updates.


  • Editable widget to display your latest tweets.
  • Choose which account you would like to display your tweets from.
  • Choose how many tweets you would like to display.
  • Display as many feeds as you like.
  • Drop the widget into any widget-enabled theme.
  • [twitterfeed]twitter[/twitterfeed] shortcode so that you can drop feed anywhere into the site.

Technical Features

  • The plugin is built to work with Twitter API v1.1
  • All requests made to Twitter API are Signed & Authenticated.


This plugin comes with a [twitterfeed] shortcode so that you can drop a twitter feed in anywhere on the site. This shortcode includes a few attributes to customize the output such as overwriting the styles and choosing how many tweets to display.

Shortcode Examples

[twitterfeed]twitter[/twitterfeed] – Most basic example to display a single tweet from @twitter.
[twitterfeed count=”3”]twitter[/twitterfeed] – Display 3 tweets.
[twitterfeed class=”mycustomclass”]twitter[/twitterfeed] – Add your own styles.
[twitterfeed id=”mycustomid”]twitter[/twitterfeed] – Add an ID to the tweet holder.



Complete documentation is included explaining how to install the plugin and display your tweets.


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