GMOs Help Us Combat Global Food Security and Sustainability Challenges | Tech News

Every day, farmers around the world use GMOs to help combat threats to food and the environment. Whether helping to protect crop yields against plant diseases, weeds, pests, or to reduce water use, GMOs are one of modern agriculture’s many innovations that allow farmers to grow more food with fewer resources. A new blog post at the GMO Answers Medium page show exactly how:

  1. Research into GMO bananas could help save the crop in Africa, where is it a staple in the diet and under attack from disease
  2. Golden Rice, a GMO fortified rice is int,ended to address Vitamin A deficiency (VAD), a serious disease which is estimated to affect 250 million preschool-age children around the world.
  3. The GMO Hawaiian papaya has helped save an important industry for Hawaiians since it came to the U.S. market in 1998.


To learn more about how these GMOs are helping find solutions to food problems around the globe, visit the GMO Answers Medium page.

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