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Following months of debate and controversy surrounding the subject, Belgium declared loot boxes in video games illegal earlier this year. The Belgian Commission (BGC) which oversees video games and gambling called for loot boxes to be removed from games released in the region. The authority even threatened criminal prosecution for those who violated its new rules.

One major, high profile game to have been affected by the Belgian loot box ban is basketball sim, 2K19. Last week, publisher 2K Games confirmed that it would be removing loot boxes from the Belgian version of the game, meaning that those in the country would be unable to purchase card packs with premium/non-earned currency (VC).

Unsurprisingly, 2K isn’t pleased that the BCG has forced it to remove such a significant revenue stream. As such, in a new blog post, the company calls for 2K to lobby the Belgian government in an effort to get it to reverse its decision. “We will be continuing conversations with the BGC in order to explain our view,” writes the company, adding that “If you agree [with 2K’s stance], we recommend that you contact your local government representative.”

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From 2K’s point of view, encouraging fan involvement in the matter makes every bit of sense. The decision to legislate against loot boxes and other randomized item mechanics is a direct result of the action taken by unhappy fans. In addition to some very strongly worded posts on social media, fans also created and gathered support via petitions and many sat down with local legislators to work on ways to remove loot boxes. So 2K’s thinking is that it could reverse the legislation by leveraging that same enthusiasm; albeit, enthusiasm for loot boxes instead of against them.

But others have poked fun and fury at the publisher, saying that its efforts will only fail. After all, last year’s NBA 2K18 sparked backlash with its microtransactions and the game’s business model has been under a microscope for even longer. Some fans of the basketball sim series have also said that they will be avoiding this year’s iteration as a direct result of the “grind.” Because of this, some are sceptical that 2K’s efforts to galvanize any pro-loot box players will succeed.

NBA 2K19 will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 11, 2018.

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