Aladdin Makes For Compelling Tragedy In This Artist’s Dark Re-Imagining | Gaming News

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just got a whole hell of a lot darker. Recently, we featured the art of comics artist Warrick Wong, who rendered the protagonists from The Incredibles in a bleak, stylised way that positioned them as the viewpoints into a alternate universe for the characters.

Now, he’s back with another bleak take on a classic Disney property, and the land of Agrabah won’t do super well.

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In Wong’s version of the story, Aladdin used his wishes, not for kindness and love, but for revenge on the cruel, wild city that abused him as a “worthless street rat.” With his newfound magic powers, courtesy of a meaner, more Jafar-like Genie, Aladdin topples the monarchy, and Jasmine, living in exile, vows revenge.

It’s nasty stuff, but Wong makes it appealing with his sharp, well-defined art style. It all looks like something out of a very weird Elseworlds comic. Sign me up. Though I doubt this one will be a musical.

You can see more of Wong’s art, as well as more details on the story of this bleak Aladdin alternate universe, on his Instagram page.

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