Amazon MMO New World Will Feature Paid Cosmetics

A recent statement clarifies that 's upcoming MMORPG New will feature paid cosmetics with paid ‘quality of life' items coming later.

New World releases at the end of August and Amazon Game Studios may be counting on the MMO to make up for the cancellation of its multiplayer shooter Crucible last year. However, some gamers are unhappy about the recent addition of a premium currency store to the game's alpha build.

Studio Director Rich Lawrence attempted to address the concerns by assuring gamers that paid items will not be necessary to enjoy playing New World. Unfortunately, not everyone found his explanation satisfactory.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Lawrence stressed that Amazon's goal is to create a store that players want to engage with rather than being forced. Says Lawrence, “Our plan is not, and never will be, to create a feeling that store items are necessary to enjoy the game.” As such, he stressed that only cosmetic items will be available from the store at launch. He also explained that the store is still in testing and that the prices shown are not final.

However, that does not mean there will never be gameplay affecting items in New World's premium store. According to Lawrence's statement, the studio will eventually begin making “quality of life” items available for purchase. These would include items to grant XP boosts or enable fast travel. However, Lawrence assures gamers they will still be able to obtain such items through gameplay.

The availability of these will depend on how players progress in the months after New World's launch. However, he repeatedly stressed that the studio will not release items that unbalance the game. Instead, they hope to implement a system the encourages players to experience as much of the game as possible. Lawrence acknowledges that balance and fairness are primarily a matter of player interpretation. Therefore, he asks gamers to be patient as Amazon tests the system and considers feedback.

Lawrence concluded by discussing Amazon's tentative plans for a “battle pass” and paid expansions. It's too early for him to list specifics about either. However, he stated that developers will test the battle pass ahead of time to ensure it offers good value without giving anyone an unfair advantage.

Twitter users had mixed reactions to Lawrence's statement. While some seemed satisfied, others expressed concerns about the “quality of life” items. Some worried that including such items in the store would inevitably result in New World becoming pay-to-win. Specifically, they are concerned that the free versions of items would either be inferior or incredibly rare. As multiple Twitter users pointed out, even a seemingly minor boost could become a game-changer in New World's PvP battles.

Ultimately, a lot will depend on how Amazon Game Studios implements the shop and other systems. It is certainly possible that New World will offer an entirely fair and balanced gameplay experience. However, given recent trends, many are understandably reluctant to take the studio at its word.

New World launches on August 31 for PC.

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